Knowledge Aggregation and Analysis

The project seeks to aggregate knowledge on existing cybersecurity practices across healthcare organisations, analyse, elaborate and disseminate the information as a means of achieving common understanding among practitioners on best practices and strategies. Through a series of stakeholder engagement activities and research analysis, an extensive knowledge map will be built to guide all types of healthcare staff.

Awareness raising and community building

To disseminate the acquired knowledge and create a community of practice that continuously exchanges insights and collaborates in training, preparedness and the response strategies in the future, the project will develop and Open Information and Awareness Hub brining together all stakeholders in the training an information landscape in Europe.

Training Activities

Aggregating the knowledge on the training gaps and needs of healthcare personnel, the project will create training packages and offer them to the created community in the form of workshops, webinars, summer school and a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Project Vision

The project seeks to raise awareness on risks and protection opportunities, setup training schemes and the initiate training sessions for healthcare staff dealing with data. Through several training approaches, the project will boost the level of training in cybersecurity in Europe, improve the knowledge of staff and in turn contribute to decreased vulnerabilities against cyberthreats and increased patient trust and safety.

Project Impacts

Decrease human errors in healthcare organisations causing cybersecurity threats


Project Impacts

Decrease vulnerability of organisations against external attacks by enhancing preparedness, response and recovery strategies.

Project Impacts

Increase patient trust and safety of data.