Number Deliverable name Link
D1.1 Kick-off meeting report
D1.2 Data Management Plan
D1.3 Status report
D1.4 Final project documentation
D2.1 Stakeholder involvement roadmap and engagement strategy Download
D2.2 Current perceptions and trends on cybersecurity in hospitals Download
D2.3 Online Awareness and Information Hub Download
D2.4 Relevant cybersecurity projects list and liaisons overview Download
D3.1 Cybersecurity in hospitals Knowledge Map
D3.2 European project and stakeholders on cybersecurity in hospitals report
D3.3 State-of-the art and potentials for eLearning and Approaches in Cybersecurity in hospitals training report
D3.4 Cybersecurity in hospitals Knowledge Baseline Report Download
D4.1 Cybersecurity in hospitals courses and programmes collection
D4.2 Trainer interviews and workshops report Download
D4.3 New cybersecurity in hospitals curricula and materials and quality assurance report Download
D4.4 Step-by-step guide for the development of new course curricula
D5.1 Training Strategy 1 Download
D5.2 Promotional materials and registration forms
D5.3 Training Strategy 2 Download
D5.4 MOOC report
D5.5 Cybersecurity in Hospitals Summer School report
D5.6 Webinars and local trainings report
D6.1 Project website, social media accounts and communication channels Download
D6.2 Dissemination materials Download
D6.3 Dissemination activities report
D6.4 Publication and presentation overview list
D6.5 exploitation plan
D6.6 Cybersecurity in Hospitals Awareness Conference summary report
D7.1 H – Requirement No. 1 Download
D7.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2 Download
* Disclaimer: The current deliverable documents represent only drafts that have yet to be approved by the European Commission.